About Mongrel

My name’s Emily and I’m the crazy dog lady behind Mongrel London.


My connection with dogs started when I was a kid, but it really went full throttle when I rescued my gorgeous furbaby Ella from Cyprus a few years back.


Since then, my life spiralled into a full-scale dog obsession and I began fostering, training and rescuing dogs from all over the world.


Mongrel, for me, was a wonderful inevitability. I was seeing first hand every day the poor quality of dog toys made available; the ease at which they would be annihilated and the harmful inner stuffing (both for the planet and of course our dogs’ insides). Plus, finding a dog toy that didn’t act as a hideous eyesore was way harder than it should be.


Thus, in 2019 I put the wheels in motion to launch Mongrel and introduce eco-friendly, hardwearing, charitable and stylish dog toys to the world. My launch did terrifyingly land slap bang in the middle of a global pandemic but, despite this, I’m so pleased to say that Mongrel bones are already gracing the homes of many of you!


Thank you for your support, whether it be a share, comment or purchase. It truly means the world!


Much love,

Emily and Ella x